Pranksters start campaign to make Raheem Sterling the face of the £20 note


A pair of pranksters have started a campaign to make Raheem Sterling the face of the new £20 note.

With the Bank of England currently seeking nominations for the public as to the famous personality to feature on the banknote, they’ve put forward Raheem Sterling.

The Queen is currently the face of the British 20 pound note, indeed the bejeweled monarch features on every British banknote, but that is set to change, and these lads believe Sterling would make the perfect character to adorn the 20 new 20 pound note.

According to the Bank of England website, “The Bank is seeking nominations so the Banknote Character

Advisory Committee can consider a wide range of potential characters.”

So this pair of pranksters have put Sterling forward, in recognition of his 49m pound move to Manchester City, which has seen him labelled as a money-grabbing mercenary by football fans across the land.

Indeed, he shares his name with the British currency, which is another reason why he would make the perfect candidate.

The duo behind the idea is Simon Connor and Stephen Cross. Retoucher Tim Bird created the speculative design for illustration purposes only.

Manchester United fan Simon Connor said, “I think this is the only thing that could possibly unite the fans of Manchester United and

Liverpool. But only with the support of the entire football community can we

make the Bank of England seriously consider our proposal”.

Arsenal fan Stephen Cross said, “The Bank of England say they won’t feature living characters but we think they should make an exception.

The timing is perfect, he shares his name with our currency and in one deal has probably just earned the country a huge sum in tax”.

You cast your nomination on the Bank of England’s website.

The vote closes this Sunday, 19th July 2015.