Prankster rings Everton chairman Bill Kenwright posing as Ross Barkley asking for transfer! [Video]

This is a brilliant prank phone call that went off to a ‘t’.

A couple of Evertonian pranksters got hold of Everton chairman Bill Kenwright’s phone number, and decided to ring him up pretending to be Ross Barkley.

Asking for a transfer request.

It must have been done back in early July, as Barkley committed his future to Everton last week.

When the guy gets through to Kenwright, he puts on a strong Scouse drawl, and says ‘Alright mate. Look I don’t wanna progress with my career with Everton any more.

Kenwright: ‘Right.’

The Everton chairman falls for the prank hook, line and sinker, and still doesn’t catch on when ‘Barkley’ asks him, ‘Are you goin’ for a spot on Corrie are ya?’

(Kenwright appeared on Coronation Street back in his acting days.)

Poor Bill must have got the fright of his life!

Watch the prank call below.

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