Prank of the Season: Icelanders Thor Akureyri FC in pre-season training

First off a big, big thank you to 101er Haraldur Hringsson for forwarding this video onto us.


What is it with Icelandic football?

It wasn’t so long ago the we brought you the amazing goal celebration antics of Stjarnan FC; the Icelandic club who went that extra mile to entertain the crowd with such memorable moments including the “fish” celebration (full article and footage), the “bike” routine (full article and footage), ”rewind,” “stroke” and “birth” celebrations (full article and footage), their “swimming” and “rowing” celebrations (full article and footage), the “hand grenade” (full article and footage) and lastly the “human toilet” celebration (watch here).

But Stjarnan were so 2010.

2011 now belongs to Thor Akureyri FC, who have established themselves as the chief prankers in Scandinavia following this superb video from their pre-season training camp in Portugal.

What made this prank so superb was the collective achievement of several players to gang together. Not only did none of the players give the gag away until the perfect moment, but they invested a good five minutes laying the groundwork so that their victim got punked to the fullest.

Without giving away the punchline, did you know that if you cover your face before doing sit-ups it makes your back seize up for a few seconds?

Sit back and enjoy the incredible Thor Akureyri prank.