Prank Call! Manchester United fan rings up 606 pretending to be a Liverpool fan

After Liverpool’s shock FA Cup defeat to Oldham, Manchester United fan @cantonasmagic produced a rather professional prank call on 606 – taking advantage of a cup exit to really rub salt in the wounds of their great rivals.

Suffice to say, Manchester United fans will love this whilst Liverpool supporters would be better off listening to anything else.

Andy Magic plays the call to a tee and sounds emotional from the off before questioning Liverpool boss “Brentan” Rodgers and Luis Suarez.

There are then a whole lot of outlandish claims such as “we should have kept Roy Hodgson” and Liverpool need to buy Darren Bent.

And the Manchester United fan mentions Sir Alex Ferguson on plenty of occasions – publicly wondering about the Liverpool fans who find someone else to blame for the club’s woes.

It was the call that closed the BBC’s famous 606 programme and it looks set to be championed by Manchester United fans across the globe.

If there is one small glimmer of hope for Liverpool fans, it is that on a dark day for the club, at least Manchester United supporters still care about the team that dominated English football in the 70s and 80s.