PR company take blame for Angelo Ogbonna’s embarrassing tweet about Arsenal v West Ham

West Ham defender Angelo Ogbonna enjoyed a very impressive debut during West Ham United’s shock 2-0 win over Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium.

After the match, the Italian international took to Twitter to share his delight with his followers.

However, poor Angelo Ogbonna was left red-faced when his PR company told his followers how incredible it was to make his Premier League debut at Wembley.

The tweet was deleted soon after but screenshot were taken and the teasing began.

Italian PR company Sport Suite took full responsibility for Angelo Ogbonna’s embarrassing tweet on their website.

“We want to emphasise that the error in the infamous tweet is only our fault and not the player, who definitely knew he was playing in the Emirates Stadium!”

Isn’t the whole point of a PR company running footballers Twitter accounts to make sure that players don’t embarrass themselves in the public sphere.

Once used to connect fans to their favourite athletes, Twitter now connects fans to PR company’s imitating their favourite athletes.