Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo out of Greece game, Paulo Bento ‘can’t guarantee’ he’ll be ready for Germany [Video]

Cristiano Ronaldo has been ruled out of Portugal’s friendly with Greece this evening, after complaining of muscular pain at yesterday’s training.

While manager Paulo Bento tried to explain it as a simple cautionary step, by the same token neither could he confirm that Ronaldo will make Portugal’s opening World Cup game against Germany on June 16.

Asked about Ronaldo’s situation for the tournament’s opener, Bento ambiguously said that he will have to ‘consider every scenario’.

‘What I don’t want to do is put any sort of pressure on a player that causes them to compete when they are not in a the right state to do so.

‘We’re not setting any deadlines. ‘The player’s well-being comes first. I want him to be in the best possible form without running any risks.

‘We must have a team that compete with the players who are usually the first choices and can compete with players who maybe aren’t among the first choices.’

For Cristiano Ronaldo to miss Portugal’s opener against Germany would be a massive blow, indeed even for him to be forced to play through the pain as he did in the Champions League final wold be a huge handicap to the Portuguese.