Portsmouth’s Hassan Yebda & David James give a brilliant comic interview to Algerian TV

Away from the glare of the English cameras on Sunday, before Portsmouth match with Aston Villa, south coasters Hassan Yebda and David James gave a brilliant comic interview to Algerian TV who quizzed the pair on England’s meeting with Algeria at the World Cup this summer.

Beginning by hugging each other with the smiles already planted on their faces and the tears rolling down Yebda’s eyes, James was asked what he thought the score would be when England meet Algeria in South Africa.

James: “We have Rooney, Walcott, Crouch, Defoe. I dunno, we win! My friend Hassan, he thinks Algeria will beat England, and then in the morning he wakes up and he eats breakfast!”

As the conversation then rolled on, James managed to sneak in another low blow by referencing his charity in Malawi – the African minnows who battered Algeria 3-nil at the African Cup of Nations earlier this year – causing Yebda to crack up once more.

As the interview wound down the interviewer asked James about his plans for next season.

James: “Erm…manage Algeria.”

Yebda: “Hopefully, yeah!”

The brilliant Yebda-James interview can be seen here.