Poor: Manchester United ‘fans’ abuse Tom Cleverley on Tweet from club

The abuse Tom Cleverley got last season bordered on personal harasment, as the Man United midfielder became the subject of a lynch mob set on ousting him from the team for his mediocre and at times pretty poor performances.

A group clever clogs even started a petition to ensure the midfielder wouldn’t make the England World Cup squad, and Cleverley spoke over the summer how the abuse got him down last season.

Having put in some impressive performances in pre-season, Cleverley is ready to start a fresh slate under new boss Van Gaal, who appears to trust in his capabilities.

Before a ball has even been kicked, however, some Man United ‘fans’ are still set on abusing Cleverley, as on the tweet sent out from the club earlier today.

But then you get the feeling that after standing up and ignoring the abuse last season, nothing can break Cleverley’s spirit from here on, and it’s probably water off a duck’s back at this stage.

Tom Cleverley