Polish club Lech Poznan release a classically cheesy Christmas song (video)

Could this be so horrible that’s it actually good?

Every Christmas the music charts become over-populated with a host of horrible Xmas songs that are flooded on the market to exploit the holiday season. Some football fans, like YouTuber “tehTrunkTV,” use this as an opportunity to garner a few giggles by making up their own comedy numbers. However other, like Polish club Lech Poznan, have all too seriously jumped on the bandwagon by releasing their own Christmas song called “Przybierzeli do Betlejem… PiÅ‚karze!,” or as translated by Google translate as “Will take to Bethlehem … Players!”

Complete with scenes of falling snow, things that twinkle on camera, solo numbers, massive headphones, and even some communal rapping, it’s a bold effort from Lech that instantly dredges memories of other great/awful football numbers like Tottenham’s “Ossie’s Dream,” Liverpool’s “Anfield Rap” and Arsenal’s “Hot Stuff.”

Lech Poznan’s Christmas cracker can be seen here.