Plenty of laughs in Uncle & Nephew Harry Redknapp & Frank Lampard’s appearance on Jonathan Ross

This weekend’s Friday night with Jonathan Ross was a family affair, as Uncle ‘Arry and nephew Frank ‘Lamps’ Lampard appeared one after the other to chat about football.

Harry stole the show with a classic Cockney tale from his time managing West Ham.

A fan was heckling him in a pre-season game at Oxford, slating him for not signing another striker.

In the second half, ‘Arry was left with no more subs, so he decided to send on the lairy troll to shut him up.

And the bald, fat and tatooed Hammer scored!

‘And was better than Lee Chapman, to be fair’, according to ‘Arry.

Then in Lamps’ appearance, while discussing England’s World Cup chances, there was a comedy moment as the host Ross, who famously struggles with his ‘R’s just like Hodgson, laughed at himself for being unabled to prounced ‘Woy…Woy…Roy!’ I don’t know why I make the effort if he doesn’t!

Good bantz.

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