Players, coaches & fans brutally beat up a referee in Iran (Chooka Talesh-Shahrdari Dezfool)

Sorry to all Iranians out there, but clips like this do little to improve your country’s image.

Horrific pictures are slowly gaining online traction from last weekend’s lower league match between Chooka Talesh and Shahrdari Dezfool, in which a referee was served with mob justice in a brutal and frenzied beating.

The referee’s control on proceedings began to wane when he flashed a second yellow card to Chooka’s number nine (who also appeared to be the club captain). In response the Chooka centre-forward ripped the yellow card out the ref’s hand, threw it back in his face, before a Talesh coach flipped a switch and began beating on the man in black.

What followed was mayhem.

As a small group tried to help the referee and ferry him off the pitch, suddenly fans of Chooka Talesh massed alongside their club’s players as they all beat up on the middle-aged official.

Watch the shocking mauling of the referee by Chooka Talesh’s players, coaches and fans.


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