Piers Morgan calls for Arsene Wenger to resign (again) after Arsenal defeat to Bayern

It is a sign of just what a large presence Piers Morgan is these days, on CNN and Twitter, that as soon as Arsenal lose a big game, you cannot get away from the former Daily Mirror editor.

Minutes after Arsenal’s 3-1 loss to Bayern Munich, Morgan was spewing his usual diatribe on BBC radio 5 Live about Arsene Wenger, which his over three million followers on Twitter will be very familiar with.

When Arsene Wenger does eventually leave Arsenal, you can be sure Piers Morgan will be partly credited with his departure.

Whilst the CNN host does make a lot of good points (lack of trophies, Wenger’s poor tactical record in big games over recent years etc.) you have to feel sorry for Arsenal fans that Morgan is their loudest voice.

Morgan calls for Jupp Heynckes to take over from Wenger. It would be a surprise if Arsenal’s loudest fan had seen a Bayern Munich game this season, before last night.

Audio of  Piers Morgan caling for Arsene Wenger to resign on BBC radio can be heard below.