Pictures: Phil Bardsley (Sunderland) lies on the floor covered in money (inc. 3-0 v Newcastle)

Sunderland’s Phil Bardsley may well become football’s latest figure of hate.

Sunday’s People have splashed their backpage with a picture of Sunderland’s right back lying on the floor covered in 10 and 20 pound notes.

Whilst the People have got this pictures out, they were in fact first circulated around social media sites on Wednesday night.

According to reports, Bardsley went out last week with Matthew Kilgallon to a local casino, and Bardsley won big.

After collecting his winnings, Bardsley proceeded to roll around on the red carpet covered in money, and Kilgallon whipped out his phone to record the moment.

Bardsley also took time to arrange his money in a 3-0 mosaic, referring to the Black Cats victory at Newcastle several weeks before.

Pictures of Phil Bardsley rolling around in money are below.