Pictures: Police use tear gas, rubber bullets on protesters outside the Mané Garrincha Stadium

Hundreds of Brazilians were at the Mané Garrincha Stadium at the start of the Confederations Cup on Saturday, but they weren’t there to see Brazil beat Japan 3-0.

As the world’s focus shifts to Brazil as the current Confederations Cup starts a sports fest which will include the World Cup and Olympics in the next three years, locals in Brazil are stepping up protests against their government.

On Saturday, ahead of the big kick off of the Confederations Cup, the protests began in earnest.

With tires burning, demonstrators held up posters reading: “We don’t need the World Cup” and “We need money for hospitals and education”.

Things turned nasty pretty quickly.

The protesters managed to get close to the Mané Garrincha Stadium, but then the local police hit back. The police used tear gas, rubber bullets and pepper spray to disperse the protesters, and 29 demonstrators were arrested in the clashes.

A series a pictures from the protest outside the Mané Garrincha Stadium can be seen below.