Pictures: Norwich’s Bassong deletes Instagram snaps of him holding, firing a gun in his garden

Sebastien Bassong had made himself look irresponsible after posting and then deleting a couple of pictures on Instagram.

The Sun published two images on Tuesday of Bassong blowing a kiss over a raised gun and another of the Bassong aiming the gun as if he was about to pull the trigger.

Bassong labelled the pictures “garden shooting session”, adding that he was practising his gun skills for his daughter Elyah’s “security”.

Norwich has since issued a statement confirming that the photos have been taken down from Instagram, and moveover, the club has said that the gun was fake. Nevertheless, Bassong is now facing a backlash for appearing to glorify guns and failing to live up to his duties as a role model.

The pictures of Sebastien Bassong playing around with a gun can be seen below.

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