Pictures: Liverpool striker Luis Suarez plays in goal during Uruguay training

For those that dislike Liverpool striker Luis Suarez and point to his goal line save against Ghana in the 2010 World Cup and recent handball goal against Mansfield, these pictures may not be taken in such a light hearted manner.

Perhaps looking to take a breather after a sensational season so far for Liverpool, Suarez played in goal during Uruguay’s training session in Qatar today ahead of their friendly with Spain on Wednesday.

Some wags on social networks have suggested Suarez is practising due to Liverpool number one Pepe Reina’s poor fun of form…

We would love to get hold of some videos of Suarez in goal but for now we can only locate pictures of the Liverpool star striker donning the gloves.

After the jump are the famous incidents when Suarez has used his hands as an outfield player.

UPDATE: A short video of Luis Suarez playing in goal can be seen here.

(Via Dirty Tackle.)