Pictures: Fiorentina fans mock Juventus’ Heysel dead with -39 shirts & a large sticker

Fiorentina fans have been roundly slammed this weekend after a couple of images were circulated around social media sites showing Viola supporters mocking Juventus’ tragic loss of life at Heysel back in 1985.

39 Juventus fans were crushed to death in one of football’s worst tragedies in the modern era, yet rather than showing compassion for the death of innocents a few Fiorentina supporters now moronically believe that this incident is now a stick with which they can beat the Old Lady with.

Fiorentina’s shameful fans went about mocking Juve through a couple of ‘-39’ images.

Firstly a group of eight Viola fans were pictured with Fiorentina shirts with -39 printed on the backs. Cowardly, these supporters were not snapped with their faces in full view.

A second image was also taken at the match between Juve and Fiorentina on Saturday in Serie A, as once again the ‘-39’ image was spotted on the plastic hoardings at the Bianconeri’s home ground.

Aside from these images, Fiorentina fans were reported to have sung songs about Heysel in Turin also.

What scumbags!