Picture: Why were Manchester United a promoted paid trend on Twitter?

(Screenschot credit: @suttonnick)

Mega car manufactures, and new Manchester United commercial partners Chevrolet, took the interesting decision on Sunday to sponsor a promoted tweet on Twitter: #MUFC.

Chevrolet paid for the advert on Twitter’s worldwide location setting with the seemingly straightforward purpose of extending their company brand by hooking it onto the Red Devils’ coattails.

The sponsored hashtag came days after the Old Trafford commercial chiefs ran a large ad in the Manchester Evening News calling on fans to turn up to home games.

The promoted tweet provoked some thoughts about Manchester United’s online social media presence.

A recent Spanish study revealed that Manchester United have the third largest online following (just under 30 million fans), however all those followers are sourced from the club’s official Facebook page. The Red Devils strangely have no official Twitter account.

That begs the question, if United can see the value in Chevrolet promoting their Twitter hashtag why can’t they see the value in opening up their own Twitter community?


Last week Twitter released their #TwitterLeagueTable to “to celebrate some of the great uses of Twitter by clubs, players and fans.”

Twitter’s blog went onto explain “the table is based on metrics like follower numbers for team and player accounts, use of official team hashtags, and how much fans interact with the content shared by the teams. The results highlight some of the most dedicated fan bases and socially engaged clubs, rather than those with simply the highest volumes of followers or most high-profile players.”

The results were as follows:

1. Manchester City, 2. Chelsea, 3. Tottenham Hotspur, 4. Liverpool, 5. Arsenal, 6. Everton, 7. Newcastle United, 8. Queens Park Rangers,  9. Aston Villa, 10. Norwich City.

11. Manchester United, 12. Reading, 13. Sunderland, 14. West Bromwich Albion, 15. West Ham United, 16. Southampton, 17. Fulham, 18. Stoke City, 19. Swansea City, 20. Wigan Athletic.