Picture: The Aston Martin Mansfield chairman John Radford gave to manager Paul Cox

Perhaps there is a lot more glamour in the lower leagues than they are given credit for.

Reports over the weekend reveal that Mansfield chairman John Radford promised his manager Paul Cox his personalised Aston Martin DB9 if his side could score five goals in the first half against Barrow.

In March 2012, Mansfield had beaten Barrow 7-0 and Radford was keen for another big scor eline.

Radford duly arrived at the One Call Stadium at half time with Mansfield 5-0 up in a game they would go on to win 8-1 in the Conference.

Radford said: “It’s my old Aston Martin so it’s not brand new. It’s a couple of years old. You have these things and you’ve got to give people targets and things like that, so he fancied the car and I thought I’m about ready for a change and he did the job.”

Cox couldn’t quite beleive it, “I didn’t really take him at face value when we was talking, but to be fair to the man he’s a top guy and when he did it, it was unbelievable.”

Picture of Paul Cox’s new Aston Martin is in the picture below. (Via So Foot.)