Picture Special: The gay football celebration (Vincenzo Santoruvo & Aurelio)

Marcello Lippi famously said that he’d never allow an openly homosexual couple to play for Italy because it would create a scandal.

Lippi: “In the current climate, two national team players could never be involved in an open relationship… We’re not talking about a cultural question, but of a mechanism of interests for whom a relation of this type would enter into conflict. Even if from a cultural perspective people would approve and be able to understand and accept such a situation, it would nevertheless be exploited so much that it would end up negatively.”

With homophobia so ingrained in Italian culture, many in calcio football have had to sit uncomfortably in their chairs this week after seeing two Frosinone players seemingly French kissing on the field of play.

The incident occurred in the Frosinone-Crotone match last weekend in Serie B and arose after the Canaries striker Vincenzo Santoruvo scored the opener for the hosts and went over to celebrate with his teammate Aurelio.

A couple of stills of the hot and steamy kiss can be seen here.