Picture & GIF: Patrice Evra bites into an inflatable arm, was it a dig at Luis Suarez?

Surely this wasn’t planned. Was it?

In the final moments of Manchester United’s on-field celebrations after claiming their 20th league title there was a memorable moment involving Patrice Evra.

The camera panned towards the French fullback just as he caught an inflatable, bloody arm. The object appeared to come from the United stands.

Evra grasped the severed arm and mimicked being a vampire as he pretended to sink his teeth into the toy.

Sinking teeth? Just a day after Luis Suarez’s incident against Chelsea… could this just be coincidence?

For those with short memories, Evra and Suarez have plenty of previous.

The Manchester United defender and Liverpool attacker had a major falling out when Evra accused Suarez of racial abuse back in 2011.

Luis Suarez admitted he called Evra a ‘negro’ but he always insisted he is not racist.

A GIF of Evra’s arm eating celebrations can be seen below. Followed by a video.