Picture: Man United’s official Facebook page confirms that David Moyes is their new manager

Manchester United appear to have bungled the announcement that David Moyes is their new manager.

At around 2.15pm (UK time) on Thursday afternoon, a Tweet was sent from Manchester United’s official press office leading followers to the Red Devils’ official Facebook page.

Once users clicked on the Twitter link, they saw a bright graphic which read: #UnitedContinued – Send your personal welcome to our new manager David Moyes.

Then came the balls-up.

Seconds after the Tweet was post, the Tweet was retracted as it quickly became apparent that the update was sent out too early. Nevertheless, the damage was already done.

UPDATE: Fifa’s official Twitter account also posted the Moyes update only to delete it immediately also (see below).

See Manchester United’s official Facebook page confirming that David Moyes is their new manager below, along with a few comedy Tweets comment on the press screw-up.