Picture: Cuneyt Cakir’s heavy-handed record against Premier League teams

Turkish referee Cuneyt Cakir is once again public enemy number one in Britain.

The 36-year-old UEFA Elite association official had previously taken charge of two Manchester United games before Wednesday night’s Champions League tie with Real Madrid.

On both previous occasions the Red Devils had failed to win, losing in last season’s Europa League to Athletic Bilbao after a Champions League draw with Benfica, and Cakir’s record for United failed to get any better against Jose Mourinho’s men.

The Turk was accused of ruining the game for sending off Luis Nani when United were 1-up, and the haters have been quick to dredge up evidence suggesting the official has an anti-UK bias.

Below is a history of Cuneyt Cakir’s record when officiating Premier League teams in the past few seasons.