Photoshop or real? A new picture of Cesc Fabregas in a Chelsea shirt is leaked online


Is it real, or is this a photohsop knock-up?

The fact that it’s taken directly off a computer screen doesn’t help the cause of the former camp.

Saying that, a new picture of Cesc Fabregas in a Chelsea shirt, and holding a second Chelsea shirt with “Fabregas 4” on the back is doing the rounds on Thursday.

The picture has come out at a time when everyone is waiting for official confirmation that the Blues have got their next Frank Lampard in a 33 million pound deal with Barcelona.

The reason this picture is being given credence that it may be real comes down to the fact that Cesc’s tattoo on his right arm is visible.

Of course the ‘tattoo’ may also be photoshopped in, or just a coincidence, but it’s definitely making people stop and stare.

See the picture below and make up your own mind.

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