Phil Brown leads Hull in a celebratory survival sing-song (video)

One of the highlights, or lowlights depending on the different perspectives, of the final day of the Premier League season were the joyous scenes at the KC Stadium once hull realise that they had beaten the drop. Forgot the fact that Hull’s bacon was only saved because Newcastle and Middlesbrough were even worse, once the final whistle blew it was as if the Tigers had won the league itself.

After the fans stormed the pitch, manager Phil Brown grabbed a microphone and lead the Hull faithful in a celebratory sing-song to mark the happy occasion.

As reported by Tom Dart in The Times:

“The sudden release of tension can do funny things to people. After the final whistle, Phil Brown grabbed the microphone for a performance that proved he was right to go into coaching rather than crooning. He belted out a verse of Sloop John B, by The Beach Boys, the lyric given a more positive slant: ‘I don’t wanna go home/ this is the best trip I’ve ever been on.'”

“It was perhaps the most cringeworthy piece of on-pitch rabble-rousing since Delia Smith tried to pump up the Carrow Road crowd in 2005. The Hull manager was as off-key as his team has been for months, but you could understand his giddy exuberance.”

The scenes at the final whistle, and Phil Brown’s kareoke moment (5 minutes in), can be seen here.