Petulance of the Day: Jermaine Beckford (Leeds) vs Southampton

This gesture takes me straight back to my school days.

Leeds United took on Southampton in League One on Saturday, and for a long period of the match it appeared that a stalemate would materialise with neither side able of breaking the deadlock. With 16 minutes remaining Lilywhites’ boss Simon Grayson then made a bold move as he withdrew his top goalscorer Jermaine Beckford from the match in search of the elusive winner.

Unhappy with his manager’s decision, Beckford reacted like a spoiled child once his number was lit up on the substitution board as he slowly trudged off the pitch with all the body-language of a moody teenager.

The highlight of Beckford’s strop though came as the 26-year-old mimicked a common cuss of children. The Leeds striker pushed his finger to his temple and began wiggling around to depict the classic “mental” message to his boss.

After the match Grayson was forced to respond to his star striker’s behaviour, commenting “I am disappointed when that sort of situation happens, but any decision I make is for the benefit of the football club. I am prepared to take off my leading goalscorer if I feel it is the right decision to make… I’ve had a brief chat with Jermaine and I will speak to him again on Monday. We will deal with it internally and get to the bottom of it but these things happen all the time.”

Jermaine Beckford’s petulant behaviour on being subbed can be seen 35 seconds in this video.