Petr Cech may leave Chelsea after silent snub from Jose Mourinho [Mirror]

After all Jose Mourinho’s tall talk of managing the Courtois-Cech situation with tactful diplomacy, it looks like the Chelsea boss shirked that duty, if the Mirror’s John Cross is to be believed.

Cross claims that Cech wasn’t even forwarned by Mourinho that he wouldn’t be playing, which is believable, considering Courtois has confirmed that he was only told he was playing an hour before kick-off.

After 10 years service between the sticks for Chelsea, surely Cech deserved a bit better than to be given the silent treatment.

The Mirror claim that the snub has left Cech bitterly disappoined and disillusioned, and will consider his long-term future, with PSG and Monaco well-documented interested parties.

The Independent, meanwhile, report nothing of Mourinho snubbing Cech, but do claim that he’s demanding talks with the club over his long term future.