‘Pete, you’re fit?!’ Petr Cech & John Terry surprise press pack by training perfectly fine at Chelsea training [Video]

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The press pack gathered at Cobham to watch Chelsea train today had to do a double take when two players made surprise appearances.

The shock from the hacks was palpable as Petr Cech came sauntering past them – this despite having been ruled out for the season by manager Jose Mourinho.

(The same goes for John Terry, who also trained just fine, despite also being ruled out for the season by Mourinho)

One journo couldn’t hide his surprise, and asked Cech, ‘Pete, you’re fit?! – To which Cech replied, barely concealing a smirk, ‘Of course’, while Torres and others had a good chuckle at the hoodwinked press pack.

Yet another classic piece of mind games from Mourinho; time for Diego Simeone to check his game plan for tomorrow night, because it looks like Schwarzer will be back on the bench for the Chelsea number 1.