PES 14’s Graphic FAILS: Guess which player this is supposed to be?! (And some good examples)

It’s 2013, the graphics are around 128-bit, yet somehow, game developers are still struggling with the most basic of design concepts, i.e. making computerised versions of real people look remotely like them!

The digitalised individual to the left is Konami’s attempt at Kolo Toure!

Where to start…the Japanese designers have given him long flowing hair instead of his tightly cropped afro…and he otherwise looks like a white man who’s spent too long in a sunbed!

To be fair to Konami, they have got the stars’ features spot-on this year, as in most years, as can be seen on the clip below.

They just seem to have gotten a bit lazy when it came to designing the lesser-knowns.

[gthumb id=”355618″ size=”large” autoplay=”1″]