Per Mertesacker: ‘There’s so much more to come from Mesut Özil at Arsenal, his 2nd season will be much better’

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Far from being simple compatriots, Per Mertesacker and Mesut Ozil are close friends, with the Arsenal defender taking his freund under his wing during his first season at Arsenal.

Mertesacker has helped Ozil through his difficult second half of the season, during which he’s been heavily criticized.

Mertesacker came through the same road, though, and is imploring Arsenal fans to be patient with their record signing.

The BFG said: ‘He’s shown some good skills, but he needs to get more consistent; it was difficult coming from La Liga to the Premier League.

I think with a good World Cup behind him, a full pre-season, Ozil’s second season will be much better. There’s so much more to come from him.’