Pepsi put together Messi, RVP, Aguero, Wilshere, Luiz & Ramos to make a seriously rubbish advert

What is wrong with advertising companies?!

Yesterday, we were treated to perhaps the dullest football advert ever, as Nike show us how Wayne Rooney, Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar get to a football match.

At least that one had some style and anticipation.

This Pepsi ad is a monstrosity.

If you are going to pull together some of the finest footballers in the world – get them to do a little more than appear from behind a newspaper or jump up and down with the “fans.”

The only star players to actually pull off some moves are Jack Wilshere (surprised the Arsenal midfielder was fit enough to make the ad) and Sergio Ramos (well done for not getting sent off).

You spend all the money signing up Lionel Messi, Robin van Persie and Sergio Aguero to Pepsi deals and this is what you produce!

Here is the Pepsi blurb, followed by a Behind the Scenes video.

The ad, set to air in over 100 countries worldwide, is entitled “NOW IS WHAT YOU MAKE IT” and sees the players performing tricks and partying on the streets of Rio.

Leo Messi comments: “Pepsi celebrates the passion and energy of football fans. It is a mesmerizing anthem, uniting us all – on the street or on a pitch – in a celebration of the moment.”