Pepe relapses at Celta with back-heel kick in the cojones, escapes booking!

Pepe was up to his old tricks in Real Madrid’s Copa defeat at Celta Vigo.

After years of violent bouts, the Portuguese defender seemed to have turned a new leaf last season, concentrating on his actual footballing abilities and developing into of the best defenders in the world.

His dark side is always lurking beneath the surface nonetheless, and notably during tough away days, the red mist still descends on Pepe Loco.

He’s extremely stealthy with it too. Aside from maybe Mark Van Bommel, no other player in world football manages to dish out as many sly kicks out of sight of the ref. His back-heel kick on Celta’s Lago was classic Pepe. Disguising it as a frustrated kick on the ball, he deliberately followed through so that his boot would connect with the Celta player’s nuts.

In another incident, Pepe got a cheeky cat-slap in on a Celta player. And he finished the game without a booking!

Both of Pepe’s stealthy incidents can be seen below, while a GIF can be seen below the fold.