Pep Guardiola scolded a journalist during his presser: “Look at me when I’m talking to you” [Video]

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Pep Guardiola taught a British journalist some manners during his post match presser after Bayern’s 1-1 draw at Manchester United.

One of the big talking points at the end of the game surrounded Bastian Schweinsteiger’s late dismissal.

Guardiola was repeatedly asked about that incident by the media in the after game presser, and the Bayern boss voiced his opinion that the decision was unfair.

After being asked the same question three times though, and after a journalist tried to put words in the Bayern boss’s mouth saying “Man United were negative in crowding their box”, the Spanish manager cracked back.

I didn’t say that! I didn’t say that. This is my colleague, I respect my colleague. My colleague can play…

Look at me when I talk to you. Look at me when I talk to you… I’m trying to explain.

Watch Pep Guardiola scolded a journalist during his presser below.