Pep Guardiola refuses to shake hands with opposition coach after Bayern defeat to MLS

Bayern Munich coach Pep Guardiola added serious controversy to the annual MLS game on Wednesday.

Guardiola was unhappy with the tackles put in on his Bayern side and refused to shake hands with opposition coach Caleb Porter at the full time whistle.

The former Barcelona coach had been remonstrating on the touchline throughout the friendly and wondered why the opposition went in so hard.

Specifically, Guardiola was left bitter by challenges from Will Johnson and Osvaldo Alonso.

Nevertheless, not shaking hands has caused plenty of controversy in the USA after one of the biggest soccer fixtures of the calendar.

After Bayern’s 2-1 defeat to the MLS, Guardiola claimed he did not shake the hands of the MLS coaches as “I did not see them”.

An excuse which hasn’t gone down too well in America…

Considering Bayern went to the USA in order to boost their profile, this might not have been the best idea from Pep who has got into a fair few scrapes on the touchline before.