Pep Guardiola explains that he left Barça because he could no longer motivate the players [Audi Anual Report]

They may be corporate sponsors of Bayern, but Audi still pulled off a coup by landing a rarefied one-to-one interview with Pep Guardiola.

The Bayern manager revealed some surprisingly self-deprecating details in the interview with Audi Anual Report, admitting to an inability to motivate his players towards the end at Barcelona, hence his irrevocable decision to leave.

The most important quotes from Guardiola’s Audi interview:

There were moments of real sadness. When Barcelona lost to Chelsea in the 2012 semi-finals, having been so much better than our rivals, I felt that I couldn’t come back and lift the team up again.’

On Messi pressure: ‘There were a lot of stars in that Barcelona team, just like at Bayern, and only 11 can play.

Every time I left Messi on the bench, there was trouble around Barcelona.’

And on why he ultimately left: ‘If you can no longer motivate your players, as a coach, you know the moment has come to leave’.

Interesting quotes from Pep, but slightly contradictory: on the one hand he says, as everyone would agree, that Barcelona were far superior to Chelsea, and motivation was clearly not the issue; on the other, he says that the defeat confirmed to him that he could no longer motivate the players.

Work that one out.