Pele says Cristiano Ronaldo is ‘no doubt’ currently better than Lionel Messi [Video]

It’s the age old question, that which much as we may think we loath it, we’ll never tire of asking.

Who is better: Cristiano or Messi?

With Ronaldo having just won the Ballon D’Or, usurpring it from Messi after 3 years of untouched supremacy, many are asking if Ronaldo has now definitively overtaken Messi.

ESPN FC put the question to Pele, the greatest ever in many people’s eyes, who was unequivocal in his answer.

‘O Rei’ says that ‘no doubt’ Ronaldo is currently better – albeit because Messi has been injured – and that Ronaldo has been better for the last year.

Pele concluded by adding that Ronaldo would have been more suited than Messi to his legendary Santos side of the 1950s and 60s.