Paul Scholes takes over first team training at Stalybridge Celtic ‘as a favour’

Does anyone in football not respect the legend that is Paul Scholes?

The ex-Manchester United midfielder retired in the summer but this week has been in charge of training at Skrill North club Stalybridge Celtic.

Their manager Jim Harvey left the club last week and Scholes agreed to take over training for the week as long as it didn’t ‘get out.’

“He wanted it kept private and the lads, although they were really excited, were brilliant in not letting it out,” revealed chairman Rob Gorski.

“Paul is going back to work with the United Under-19s but he’s gone back with great memories and everyone’s really appreciated having him around. A truly class guy.”

17 year old Louis Smith who grew up a Manchester United fan said, “He’s a childhood idol so it was a great experience.”

“There’s no-one better to learn from. You learnt so much from him, even in just a week. To get an insight and help from someone like him is invaluable – you can’t put a price on that.”

“And for him to come down and do it for free was a great gesture of goodwill.”