Paul Lambert says he’s read Roy Keane’s new book and warns anyone mentioned to ‘take cover’

Aston Villa manager Paul Lambert has confirmed that he’s read passages of assistant boss Roy Keane’s new autobiography ‘The Second Half’ and warned those mentioned in it to ‘take cover’.

Keane has never been afraid to speak his mind and he is expected to delivery tongue-lashings galore, particularly to former Man United gaffer Sir Alex Ferguson.

Ferguson criticized Keane in his autobiography which was released last year and critics expect some dressing room secrets to spill out in the ex-Ireland skipper’s latest literary effort.

On the book, Lambert said: “I’ve seen bits of it. And it’ll be… aye… listen, take cover like. It will be good reading put it that way. Great night-time reading.”

The Second Half will be available to buy on October 9th.

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