Paul Gascoigne: “I died three times in rehab”

Paul Gascoigne has told for the first time how he “died” three times in rehab, and was revived by medics, in an amazingly candid interview with Sky’s Kay Burley.

Amongst the confessions revealed on screen, Gazza told Sky News how his heart repeatedly stopped after being crippled by alcoholism, how he was attacked by a group of women during group therapy in the wake of his bust-up with wife Sheryl, about his addiction to sleeping pills and alcohol before trying to kill himself in the bath and how he has now found God.

During the interview the fallen idol is filmed sobbing as he plays football on the beach with his nephews, and Gazza tries to explain why he attacked Sheryl, how his son has used him to “show-off” at school and why he won’t drink again.

Looking gaunt and a shadow of his former self, Paul Gascoigne’s interview with Sky News can be seen here.