Patronising?! Jose Mourinho gave Tim Sherwood a double hand tap after Chelsea rout over Spurs [GIF]

Tim Sherwood had never beaten Chelsea in the Premier League as a player.

Jose Mourinho has never lost a Premier League game at Stamford Bridge.

So nothing much changed on Saturday!

On the one hand, Sherwood was desperately unlucky as a Jan Vertonghen mistake saw Tottenham implode – minutes later they were down to 10 men and chasing a 2-0 deficit.

Or, Spurs didn’t capitalise on their possession in the first half with Jose Mourinho’s sides always improving in the second half.

Mourinho had Oscar up his sleeve, to wrest control of the midfield from Spurs and Chelsea cruised in the second half.

Either way, Mourinho must have enjoyed his patronising (?) hand tap to Tim Sherwood as the final seconds closed out.

Perhaps it was what sent Sherwood a little over the edge for his post-match interview?!