Parisian Princess: Mateja Kezman has a tantrum, and apologises

It was a horrible night for Paris’ number one club last night as the Parc des Princes witnessed a thumping 3-nil defeat for the hosts at the hands of Bordeaux in the cup. But adding insult to injury for the home supporters was the sight of Serbian forward Mateja Kezman throwing a tantrum on his substitution with the number 14 publicly throwing his shirt to the ground.

It was a bad night for Kezman prior to his substitution, with the crowd getting on the striker’s back after missed a host of simple chances while the game was still in the balance. The gilt-edged misses provoked whistles of derision from the home crowd, and on seeing his number being called Kezman petulantly let his emotions out for all to see.

As he walked off the pitch, Kezman chucked his shirt on the turf before jogging past the PSG bench and straight down the tunnel.

After the match Kezman, immediately realising the errors of his ways, made a public apology.

Kezman: “I want to apologise to the fans, the coach and the players. I made a mistake. Maybe something like that has never happened here, but I am a person with a strong character living one of the most difficult moments in my football life since arriving here. Everyone needs to know that this has nothing to do with the club, the fans or the shirt; this was a reaction of anger at myself. It is not like me to miss this kind of chance and to get this kind of welcome from the fans… I can still be successful in this club because I am a strong guy with a hard character.”

Footage of the incident can be seen here (look out for Ludovic Guily’s brilliant facial expressions), while eye-witness footage of the incident in which the boos and hisses of the crowd towards Kezman are clearly audible, can be seen here.