Paranoid! Pellegrini post-Man City 0 – Barça 2: ‘Referee wasn’t impartial, he owed Barcelona and decided the game’

So much for placid, urbane, good guy Manuel Pellegrini!

The City boss went off on on an epic paranoid rant after seeing his side lose to Barcelona in the 1st leg of their Champions League last 16 clash last night, theorizing on conspiracies that would have made Mourinho blanche.

In essence, Pellegrini believes that Swedish ref Erikkson was out to favour Barcelona right from the off, in order to atone for a mistake he’d made against them in the group stages in favour of Milan.

Pellegrini also ridiculously cited his nationality, saying that a Swede shouldn’t be in charge of such a big game as Swedish football isn’t important enough.

Paranoid Pellegrini mused:

“He was on Barcelona’s side from the beginning until the end.

The referee decided the game. Before the penalty, which was outside the area, there was a foul on Jesus Navas. He didn’t control any of the game.

“I think it was not a good idea to put a referee from Sweden in charge of this match and referee who made an important error against Barcelona against Milan.

Today he rearranged it.

“I think that the referee decided the game, because before the penalty there was a foul on Navas three metres away from him so he could see it without any problem.

“The more important mistake is the foul against Navas and secondly the penalty.

“Contact was outside the box – that is the foul, you cannot continue the foul. The first foul is outside the box. Before the penalty Barcelona did not have chances and we were preparing the way to score.”

“I just told him he decided the game and he must be very happy because he decided the game.”

“I think there is more important football in Europe than Sweden. This is a big game with two important teams and maybe in this type of game you need a referee with more experience.”