Paraguayan WAG Larissa Riquelme takes a controversial banana picture in the fight against racism

You just knew that as soon as the pictures of people gumming bananas starting doing the rounds this week, a picture like the one below was going to pop up.

Footballers and TV personalities from around the globe having been taking pictures eating bananas in this week in the aftermath of Dani Alves’ racist abuse at Villarreal last weekend.

Now Paraguayan WAG Larissa Riquelme have got involved in the trend, however the women famous for sticking a mobile phone in her cleavage at the last World Cup has courted controversy with her snap.

In an interview with Globoesporte Brazil. the South American pin-up said “I am against any kind of prejudice. Racism is a thing of stupid people.” 

Then she took the following pictures.

See how Paraguayan WAG Larissa Riquelme took the fight to racism below.

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