Crerand slams Keane: I’ve played in a European Cup final. Roy didn’t. The ref was wrong!

Fight! Fight! Fight!

Roy Keane has been slammed in print on Wednesday after the Manchester Evening News published the comments of United legend Paddy Crerand on Luis Nani’s red card.

For anyone who has been living under a rock, Roy Keane provoked outrage amongst Manchester United fans with his post match analysis on Nani’s red card against Real Madrid.

Keane, working as a pundit for ITV, boldly proclaimed: “That Nani tackle was extremely dangerous and a definite red card.”

Crerand, the 74-year-old Red Devil who currently makes his coin working for MUTV, has now gone on the offensive against one of Manchester United’s most famous hardmen.

In summary, Crerand has issued a character assassination of Roy Keane, suggesting the Irishman is bitter towards the Old Trafford giants.

Roy Keane was in a minority of one. Not one person said it was a red card apart from Roy. Does Roy want to be noticed, or is he envious, jealous or has got the needle with Manchester United because of what happened at Manchester United?

Let me tell you something. I’ve played for Manchester United, I’ve played in a European Cup final, and Roy didn’t. The referee was wrong.

A screengrab of Paddy Crerand’s verbal assault on Roy Keane can be read below, while a radio interview with Crerand is also below.