Pablo Garcia gets away with a flithy foul (again)

A quick clip from this week’s Salonika derby in Greece between PAOK and Aris in the cup.

The match ended goalless, however the result could have been so different had the officials not cocked-up a seemingly irrefutable red card against Pablo Garcia for a professional foul on Javito.

We pick up the action in the 55th minute.

With PAOK having committed all of their players up-field except for covering defender Nikos Arabatzis on the halfway-line, Aris managed to hoof the ball clear. And the worse happened for PAOK, as their number 2 missed connecting cleanly with ball, allowing Javito the opportunity to race clean through on goal.

Determined to stop the goal-scoring opportunity, defensive midfielder Pablo Garcia went on the hunt. And tracking down Javito the number five committed himself to a tackle from behind, attacking the back of the leg of his opponent, and hacking him down in full flight.

A red card, surely! Incredibly, not even a yellow card was brandished by the officials.

See the event here.

Unbelievably, this is not this first time this season that Pablo Garcia should have seen red but avoided receiving any punishment whatsoever.

Earlier in the season in a match with Olympiakos Pablo Garcia thumped Diogo fully in the belly, yet somehow managed to avoid the attention of the officials as the number 10 hit the deck on impact. Yet another act of senseless violence went undetected by the men in black.

See the incident here.