Özil’s father issues a lawsuit over a fake document saying he’d sell his son to Man United, not Arsenal [Köln Express]

The Köln Express have delivered an exclusive story regarding Arsenal star Mesut Özil, concerning rumours that the German international had agreed terms with Manchester United before he finally moved to the Emirates.

The Köln Express where tipped off to the Özil-to-Old Trafford rumour when they received possession of a letter purporting to be a document of sale. The letter was signed by Özil’s agent and father, Mustapha, and it reported that Mesut’s transfer from Real Madrid to Manchester United was authorised.

Crucially, the letter was affixed with Mustapha Özil’s signature, while it was dated August 7th, 2013.

The Köln Express contacted Mustapha Özil about the document, and in turn they appear to have started a lawsuit.

Mustapha Özil defiantly claimed that the letter was fake, saying:

I would have never thought something like this was possible. Someone has pretended to be me. They’ve used my name to link it to Manchester (United). They have even signed my name! That’s not a trivial crime. We are now looking into the matter.

The Köln Express report that Mustapha Özil has hired a lawyer to investigate the forged document.

A blurry copy of the letter can be seen below.