Özil as ET, Rooney as Shrek: 442 Toons’ Premier League 2014/15 Teaser [Video]

Animated Youtube channel 442 Toons have produced a funny video to preview the Premier League season ahead, showing all the top clubs’ ambitions of winning the title.

The teaser shows Man City, Arsenal, Man United, Liverpool and Chelsea all marching down the street with the trophy aloft, singing ‘Football’s Coming Home’.

Players and managers alike are depicted as various types of caricatured monsters: Pellegerini as a zombie, Brendan Rodgers as a blobfish, Ozil as ET, and Rooney as Shrek.

Some players get a better deal though, with Kompany depicted as a buff bodybuilder, and Yaya Toure rolling in a tank.

And that’s just 4 teams for now – looks like the remaining 16 teams will get the same caricature treatment in the full video.