OWNED: Laurent Blanc discreetly gives finger to the journo who called him a ‘chômeur’

A cheeky journo from 21 at Laurent Blanc’s unveiling as PSG’s new manager got his comeuppance for asking an out of context and frankly uncalled for question (and the first one!)

The journalist, clearly looking to wind up Blanc, who many have joked has been ‘unemployed’ for the last year, asked him if he feels better now that he’s no longer unemployed, and joked that ‘the unemployment rate looks a bit better now, there’s one less’ chômeur’.

Blanc, clearly offended by the question, kept his cool and replied, ‘Technically you’re right, bit I didn’t consider myself as ‘a chomeur’.

‘I don’t joke about things like that, it’s a delicate subject. There are people in real difficulty, and I wouldn’t allow myself to say I was ‘another chomeur’.

‘I’m someone who has the chance to rediscover his passion.’

He then thanked his questioner, and looking away, slowly scratched the side of his head with his middle finger, in a cleverly coded ‘fuck you’, which can never really be proven.