Own Goal of the Season Contender: Marianne Ugalde & Julieth Arias (Costa Rica) vs Canada

It had been quiet on the own goal front ever since Festus Baise scored that world-class own goal in Hong Kong at the back end of 2011, but now that has all changed.

Ignored by most of the male football fan population, currently a host of matches in the women’s game are taking place as part of the qualification process for the Olympic Games this summer.

As part of that programme, Tuesday saw Canada thump Costa Rica 5-1 but one goal stood out from the crowd for being one of the best bloopers of the season.

With the Canadians already 4-up at the time at the start of the second half, Costa Rica shot themselves in the foot in spectacular fashion.

Defender Marianne Ugalde played the dribbliest of backpasses back to her keeper Julieth Arias, only to see the supposed shot-stopper take here eyes off the ball to a disastrous end.

Sure to be an instant viral classic, REMEMBER WHERE YOU SAW THIS CLIP FIRST!

Enjoy Marianne Ugalde & Julieth Arias’ incredible horror own goal here.

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