Owen Hargreaves responds to Fergie’s book criticism that he ‘lacked character’ on BT Sport, ‘This should be done in private’

It hasn’t been a good week for Fergie’s rep, though the book is flying off the shelves with every counter claim to his controversial comments.

Owen Hargreaves was one of his many, many victimes in his autobiography, and Jake Humphrey invited the Anglo-Canadian to respond on BT Sport today.

Rather awkwardly reading the relevant passages out to him, Hargreaves tried not to squirm in his seat as each word landed like a dagger to the heart.

He composed himself to respond, and was highly magnanimous, choosing to take the higher moral ground and refusing to let Fergie see that he’d been hurt by comments that he lacked the character to return from injury.

Hargreaves simply reminded Fergie that he achieved what he set out to do at Manchester United : winning the Champions League.

He then suggested that it’s a conversation that should take place in private, not public.

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